A fairly recent picture of Jack.
A fairly recent picture of Jack with son, Ron. If you're going to have a son, have one like this. A kind and gentle man, very successful at what he does (VP/Creative Director at one of the major television networks) and a wonderful father to his own boys, Christopher, Nicholas and Andrew Patrick. I am very proud.
Jack with legendary broadcaster Lee Bartell at the KCBQ Reunion, March 1, 1990. A fantastic station promotion bringing back KCBQ personalities from the past 30 years. Mr. Bartell, a good friend and mentor, passed away shortly after this photograph (a favorite) was taken. Lee hired me away from KFWB, Hollywood in the fall of 1965.
Proving once again that, "fools names & fools faces, etc." here is Jack with San Diego radio personality Jeff Prescott at the KCBQ Reunion, March 1, 1990.
In the center (gray jacket) is Shotgun Tom Kelly. I am just to the right of his hat -- along with more rowdy-dudes at the KCBQ Reunion. Shots is now the afternoon guy at KRTH-101, Los Angeles.
Jack with San Francisco socialite Joan Hitchcock at the opening of the San Francisco Film Festival in 1971. Joan was quite a lot older than I -- but was lots of fun with some fairly wild stories about her past. It was widely rumored and confirmed to me (by Joan herself) that she had had a long running affair with President John Kennedy while he was in the White House. I have no reason to doubt her.
A KFWB (Los Angeles) Fabulous Forty survey sheet with pictures of Jack Hayes, Don MacKinnon, Wink Martindale, Gene Weed, B. Mitchell Reed and others from 1965. KFWB was the grand-daddy of all top-forty stations at the time -- a huge radio station with incredible ratings. KFWB is where I found out that working for a real winner is really fun!
Jack (center) with the late Barry Simmons, NBC News (right) and Don Anti (little guy on the left) at KNBR, San Francisco. Barry Simmons did the local news on KNBR during my show as well as the NBC News on the Hour on the NBC Radio Network. One night, while we were having some laffs, Barry mis-read the clock and the NBC hourly newscast ran almost a minute too long. The network brass didn't think it was very funny and since I had a contract Barry was the one who got fired. I felt pretty guilty about my complicity in the matter but after leaving NBC Barry enjoyed a long and successful stay at KCBS, San Francisco.
Does anybody know the lady on the left? I've been told she was an Olympic swimming champion -- but don't recall a name. The other guy with the beard is Frank Sinatra arranger/conductor, Don Costa. The lovely brunette to my left is Heidi Schweitzer owner of a Union Street bar called the Motherlode.
"Hi -- I'm your Bunny, Jack" A personal appearance somewhere in San Francisco Bay on behalf of KNBR circa 1969-70. The "bunny suit" was the result of my frequent on-air comments about my wife (Beverly Hockin Hayes) at the time who was Bunny Beverly at the San Francisco Playboy Club.
Speaking of "bunnys" -- this is Wendy Abbott. A former bunny in the San Francisco Playboy Club -- a pretty lady I remember quite fondly for any number of reasons.
Jack, celebrating his 30th birthday on the air at KNBR, San Francisco (3-7PM). I loved the KNBR studios at Fox Plaza near 9th & Market streets. There was always a lot to see (and comment on) on Market Street. The picture of the handsome little guy on the potty is actually Jack -- taken a long time ago at the family home in Illinois.
More, "bunnies" -- here's a picture of Jack at a donkey basketball game with two more from the San Francisco Playboy Club. I was employed at the time by KNEW, (Metromedia Broadcasting) where I enjoyed a brief stay with great guys like Ron Reynolds, Ron Lyons, Steve Davis & Ric Cimino before joining KNBR. The two women are unidentified -- neither are the infamous Bunny Beverly -- although the furry one with the big ears bears a striking resemblance to her lawyer.
In 1975 & 76 I did mornings at KOIN, Portland OR. Here's a newspaper ad from those days -- one of a series. The other ads had a zipper over my lips and a bar of soap in my mouth.
Larry Mitchell (left) and Jack Hayes on stage at the San Jose Civic Auditorium getting ready to introduce the Beach Boys (late 1964).
Larry Mitchell (left) and Jack Hayes (right). Bobby Freeman is the rock star in the middle at the San Jose Civic Auditorium, 1964. Larry Mitchell was the best friend & business partner anybody could ask for. In addition to being a kind and decent soul -- he was also very talented and funny as hell. Larry died of cancer in 1969 -- he was only 33. In addition to hundreds of legendary practical jokes at my expense, Larry left behind three great children, two daughters (Nani & Kellie) and a son (Kirk). The kids were very young when Larry died. I'm very proud to have been able to share with them a bit of their father's life. Larry was surely one of a kind.
Jack Hayes at the microphone with the Beach Boys. Dennis Wilson at the drums, Brian Wilson (foreground) & Mike Love in the background. San Jose Civic Auditorium. Can you believe ticket prices were $3.75 plus tax?
Here's Jack with Larry Mitchell's family. From left, son (Kirk), daughter (Kellie) & widow, Jane Coviello (Nani is not shown). Photo taken Thanksgiving, 1997 at a reunion at Jack's LaJolla, CA home. Larry would be very proud of his kids.
A KNBR, San Francisco publicity picture from 1970. It was NBC company policy that air personalities had to answer every piece of listener mail personally. It was much easier when the promotion department made this picture into a post-card.

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