My little dog Oreo, a twelve year old, black & white Shih Tzu. She's probably the most loveable little dog in the world. When I first brought her home I had to learn a lot about Shih-Tzu's. Eight years ago Oreo developed epilepsy. Now we've learned a whole lot about her epilepsy together. She knows lots of tricks and her favorite place is curled up at my feet -- either at home, on the boat or in the office.
Oreo's birthday portrait from 2001. She was ten.
Oreo in the new dinghy. June 2002
Oreo in need of a haircut! For many years Ore's hair was "floor length". When we moved to LA and the much warmer climate she got a short cut. She's much more comfortable with it shorter -- but I think she misses the twice daily brushing, trimming and pampering she got when she had lots of hair.
Oreo -- wearing her "boat coat" -- life preserver. Ready for a ride around the marina in the dinghy.

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